inconsistent is good. consistent is boring.
  • "We ask people to understand us, but people isnt us, they just guessing us, they dont know how to understand us."
  • Happy birthday mom. I love you

  • The real oasis at night: a place to sleep

  • I’d like to post things we rarely see or we just recognized if changi airport has it, especially terminal 2.

    1. The multipurpose prayer room, completed with one sofa for elder people, and cute handsoap

    2. The ambulance cart. This is the first time for me seeing airport ambulance

    3. Terminal 2 has power plug all over the place. Located in the seating bench. Super help. We can work, no, i mean having fun, everytime, dont worry about draining your batery. Wohooo hail electricity.

    4. The public telephone is free for local calls.

    5. Done with your news paper, changi terminal 2 has the recycle drop box for paper

    6. And the best thing is: they have sleeping couch with dim light. It is oasis for traveler. And the couch is of course with power plug and ALARM. super!!

    I love you changi terminal 2

  • temple of god : barabudhura

  • rice field with heritage background